Monday, April 30, 2007

take that - relight my fire


Help me escape this feelin' of insecurity
I need you so much but I don't think you really need me
But if we all stand up in the name of love
And state the case of what we're dreamin' of
I've got to say I only dream of you
But like a thief in the night
You took away the love that I knew

Relight my fire, Your love is my only desire
Relight my fire, Cos I need your love

Turn back the times 'til the days when our love was new
Do you remember?
No matter what was happenin' I was there with you
But if we all stand up for what we believe

And maybe live within our possibilities
The world would be wild for the dream
So baby don't turn away
Listen to what I gotta say


You gotta be sure enough to walk on through the night (yeah)
There's a new day on the other side (yeah)
'Cos I got hope (hope) in my soul
I keep on walkin', keep on walkin' baby


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