Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Musti is almost over.... I overcame him :) Welcome Sertab!

That means that is right now not the only Turkish singer I like, and surprisingly as could be for some of you, the "substitute" is not a male (such as Tarkan :P), but a female....

Using Pandora, a new artist (to me) popped out of the speakers. Sounded so good.

It is the Istanbul native Sertab Erener.

To my surprise, she has sung in several languages.

See what happens when you mixed an Spanish speaker with a Turkish speaker and they put rhythm to our lives in English... something like this:

Ricky Martin feat. Sertab Erener - Private Emotion

The song that really caught my ears is:

No Boundaries
I Believe (That I See Love In You)

Now I cannot find it in youtube to post it. I only know the 2004 album "No boundaries", heard them all thru other channel, but that's it.

I just found out too that she was the one performing this:

Sertab Erener - Music

from the 2005 documentary Crossing The Bridge: The Sound Of Istanbul.

And, OMG! that was the 2003 winner of Eurovision. I thought the contest was dead, but looks like they keep a little bit of taste, still. So good!

Sertab Erener-Everyway That I Can

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