Friday, April 4, 2008


Even though, I know I have already posted this song before, I just love it. Today, I have been hearing the same song (Dudu) the whooooooole morning, one time after another. I am getting crazy. The tune is deep inside my head and it is so catchy....

Ay ay ay!!!!

Dudu / Woman

There's no parting without tears
Memories can't be controlled
Those left keep those gone in their hears
Love's no burden to those who love
These truths are what we live by
Ooo she knows it too
Ooo she's in love too
Knowing she's defying love she's crazy
And still thinks she knows best....

Fresh like a flower
She's precious so unique
Pure as mother's milk...
Her woman lips
Should drink hungrily
Her eyes like the sea...

My heart makes allowances for her
It hovers around her
She's a pampered spoilt baby...
It stubbornly overlooks whatever she does
She distresses me
Ooo she wants it too
Ooo she worries too
Knowingly she's defying love she's crazy
And still thinks she knows best
Take no notice of my laughter
See and hear it but don't believe it
This heart's shattered
Oh into ten thousand pieces
With every breath I take
With every step I take if only she were here
If only my baby were by my side

I've kept all my worries to myself
It's my right to live like everyone else too
My internal sprint has broken down now
If it can't be fixed that's when we're finished
It's possible for a person to mike mistakes
If we hold on to each other
Maybe the sun will rise...

Translation and notes by Ali Yildirim

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